Healed of Ovarian Cancer

Vanessa (alias) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after visiting her gynecologist for her annual checkup. The doctor found a mass on her ovary and sent her for blood work and an ultra sound on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016. The doctor told her that the blood work and the exam indicated that it was cancer. When she told us about the diagnosis, we told her that ovarian cancer is usually caused by bitterness and un-forgiveness toward a woman’s sister and/or her mother. We told her that she needed to resolve any un-resolved issues within her family and that we would minister deliverance to her. At this time, we sent out an urgent prayer request to The International Spiritual Warfare Team. Some of the strongest prayer warriors that we know are in this group. Many of them contacted us to let us know that they were standing with us in prayer.
The next day, Thursday, May 12th, we did a deliverance session. During that deliverance session, we took her through repentance and forgiveness for anyone who had harmed her and then broke all curses related to bitterness and un-forgiveness. We also broke word curses, emotional demons, and spirits of infirmity.
The following Tuesday, May 17th, she went to the surgeon who ran more blood tests and scheduled her for surgery the following Monday, May 23rd. During the time between the deliverance session and the surgery, she made peace with her sister, to whom she had not spoken in over a year. On the day before the surgery, Sunday, May 22nd, we met with her again and had communion and prayer with Vanessa and her husband.
On the day of the surgery, we accompanied her to the hospital and prayed while she was in surgery. After completing the surgery, the doctor spoke to us and stated that he had removed one ovary that had a softball sized growth on it. However, he did not have to remove the other ovary. He stated that she would still be able to have children (Vanessa had only been married a short time and had hoped to be able to have children).
Vanessa stated that when she woke up in the recovery room, the nurse said this, “Do you know how lucky you are? We don’t get these results very often. This just doesn’t happen.” She was told that a cyst was soft and squishy but a tumor was hard. The growth on her ovary was hard and was classified as a malignant tumor. However, her newest blood work indicated that she did not have cancer. Her recovery was very speedy and thorough.

Healed of Crohn’s Disease

Common Crohn’s disease symptoms include:
• Frequent, recurring diarrhea
• Rectal bleeding
• Unexplained weight loss
• Fever
• Abdominal pain and cramping
• Fatigue and a feeling of low energy
• Reduced appetite

We met Sally in Texas, at the Spiritual Warfare Team Conference in March of 2016. When we met her, she stated that she had suffered with Crohn’s Disease for five years without any relief. It caused her to be so weak that she would have to go to her car and take a nap during her lunch break daily. She stated that it was “sucking the life out of her.”

As we were ministering Chakra Deliverance in one of the group sessions, Sally received a great deal of deliverance. Demons were coming out of her with multiple manifestations of screaming, coughing, and retching. After the group session, we told her that we would be glad to minister to her one-on-one over Skype after the conference and told her to contact us through our website.

When she contacted us, we sent her our basic information packet with instructions on how to fast and pray prior to deliverance. On the day that we began to minister to her, she stated that she and her husband had already been fasting breakfast and lunch during the week leading up to ministry. Furthermore, she was aggressively doing the spiritual warfare techniques daily, as we had instructed her to do.

While going over the history, she told us that she was illegitimate. Her mother told her that she had not wanted her and had tried to cause herself to have a miscarriage when she found out that she was pregnant with Sally. Furthermore, she had suffered a great deal of rejection and verbal abuse as a child.

It has been observed in our ministry that people who are rejected from the womb usually become demonized while still in the fetal state. This was the case with Sally. When we began to break word curses spoken over her in the womb, she manifested yawns, burps, coughing, and crying as demons were expelled. At one point, when Vann called out “fear of being born”, a demon shouted “shut up” and Sally started throwing things at the computer. Vann bound those aggressive manifestations and the attempts to break the computer stopped.

At the beginning of the second session, she stated that during the week between the two sessions, she had been much better in overall health. Her eczema was almost gone. The exhaustion was greatly improved and she was no longer sleeping during lunch. She had better mental clarity and her abdomen was no longer swollen. When we were getting ready to begin the deliverance session, her computer shut down. We see this sort of thing regularly as the demons will do anything to prevent the deliverance session or try to interrupt the session when it is underway. We were finally able to re-establish the internet connection and began to do the deliverance.

During the second session, Vann continued to break word curses over Sally. She had a great deal of yawning, coughing, itching, and retching as the curse words of different people were broken off of her life. Next, we broke sexual soul ties. She had been very sexually active and had been involved in pornography. Therefore, we had to break fornication, whoredoms, adultery, pornography, and sexual perversion as well. There was a great deal of manifestation as these demons were expelled.

The 23rd Psalm says that “God restores our souls”. Whenever we break a sexual soul tie and cast out the demons related to that soul tie, we always ask God to restore the person’s soul. She had a lot of manifestation each time we did this.

As we were talking prior to the third session of deliverance, she stated that she had some issues to rise up during the week. However, her husband broke the attack of the demons before they could cause her much trouble. She had a good week, but not as good as the first week had been.

During this session, we were breaking the Occult strongholds off of her life. She had been involved in a great deal of occult activity so we were prepared for a great deal of manifestation. In fact, there was so much manifestation that her husband came into the room during the session and assisted us with the demonic manifestations. At one point, she was screaming and shouting, “I hate you, Shut up, Please stop, and cursing”. Of course, we had warned them that these were comments from the demons so her husband kept her from getting hurt as the demons ranted and raged. She had lots of yawning, coughing, burping, spitting up, rage, and screaming as the demons were expelled. At one point, Vann commanded the demons to stay in the chair and not get up. He bound them to the chair because she was getting up and trying to attack the computer. After this, her body would try to come out of the chair but her back would stay put. It looked rather strange, as her bottom rose up off the chair, but she was unable to get up again.

At the beginning of the fourth session, she stated that all symptoms of Crohn’s Disease were gone. In fact, she was going to the gym daily. She stated that the past three weeks were the best she had experienced in seven years. She was doing what we had told her to do spiritually and was not allowing the symptoms to return. As they had done in the previous sessions, the demons manifested with anger and rage, but they came out in large numbers as we broke the strongmen and other personal emotional demons.

It has been four months since our last session. Sally sent me an email and stated that all symptoms of Crohn’s Disease have gone and that she feels “healthy and alive”.

Testimony of Leah:

I was first directed to Vann Hutchinson Ministries through my brother, who went through deliverance with them. I met Vann and Sandy at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp where they did my first deliverance session in person. I am a middle-aged health care professional who was going through some serious health issues of my own along with severe anxiety and depression. Prior to going through deliverance, I had very little understanding about Christian deliverance. Although the session at the bible camp was wonderful and I experienced relief from the anxiety and depression, when I returned to my home, it came back with a vengeance. Fortunately, Vann and Sandy had given me their contact information and I contacted them in order to get more help. They began to work with me on a weekly basis via Skype since I live in another state. I feel that they achieved success with each deliverance session. Furthermore, they are very thorough in their techniques of deliverance. They took me through deliverance step by step, gave me homework and taught me how to fight back against the demons. Everything was based on the Word of God. Vann and Sandy also helped me to understand healing and how to begin to make the changes that I needed to make in order to achieve the healing that God has promised through the blood of his Son Jesus. My health has improved at least 70% since I began my sessions with them. God has promised total healing and I lay claim to that promise now. Concerning my religious background, I was exposed to many different types of religions, worship, and so-called gods. I was raised Roman Catholic but stopped attending church in my 20’s. I then began to explore all kinds of other religions as well as all kinds of metaphysical practices such as martial arts, and occult practices. I also had a lot of sin in my life as well as a lot of the lust of the flesh. However, Vann taught me that you can’t live in the past, you have to live for the future. Vann and Sandy taught me that demons and evil spirits are real and that we must be in daily warfare if we are going to defeat the principalities and powers that are working against us. They took me through the steps of repentance and forgiveness and taught me that deliverance will not be achieved without both. They were there for me at every step. They also taught me Biblical principles that have made me see things in my life differently. I have come to understand that salvation comes to us through the blood of Jesus. However, as we go through life, we are continually attacked by demons in the spiritual realm with the results being manifested in our physical lives. God’s word has taught us how to overcome these demonic spirits and deliverance is one of the keys to achieving success. Along the narrow road of life, there are gates and God has given us the keys to open the locks on the gates in his word. Spiritual deliverance is one of the keys and Vann and Sandy have helped me to open many of the gates in my life through Gods word. Furthermore, they have given me the tools that I need in order to keep working on the remaining areas in my life. I am eternally grateful to Vann Hutchinson Ministries and to God for placing them on my path!

Sally’s testimony:

When I contacted Vann Hutchinson Ministries, I was actually searching for help in getting a family member delivered from demonic spirits. For nearly two years, I had prayed earnestly and fervently for this loved one but with no visible progress. Bro. Vann told me that they only minister in the area of deliverance and I knew that my loved one was not ready to seek deliverance for himself/herself. It then occurred to me that perhaps the years of problems within our family were also rooted in me. I have a strong Catholic background but was wonderfully saved in 1975 at the age of 24. Although I rejected the false gospel of Catholicism many years ago, I believe many of those past habits and ways of thinking still influenced me in my Christian walk.

I made an appointment with Vann and Sandy to meet with them in person. I thank the Lord for sending me their way. They were so gracious and kind to me, and yet firm and adamant in their dealings with the demons. During three separate sessions, there were no dramatic manifestations, just coughing and yawning as the demons left.   However, there was definitely a change in me.

Since I went through deliverance, the most obvious difference to me is in my attitude toward my husband. In the past, comments and demands made my husband would cause anger to rise up inside of me. I might have suppressed the anger sometimes but eventually the anger and resentment would come out in my words and my emotions. Since my deliverance, I am totally amazed that my response (internally as well as externally) to those same events has been calm, peaceful, and truly forgiving. I don’t ever remember a time in my life when I responded in this way. The difference is so profound I can almost feel it physically. Halleluiah!! My prayer life is also different because you taught me how to pray the Word of God on a daily basis. I am now able to “let go and let God.” I thought I was able to do this in the past, but like I said, it’s so different now.

I am so very thankful to the Lord that He led me to Vann Hutchinson Ministries. Thank you Sandy and Vann.

Testimony of Ava:

Ava came to VHM as a woman in her forties who is a Christian and very active in ministry. She was experiencing many health issues including diabetes, lymphoma, immuno-deficiency disorder, and many others. As a child, she had been sexually molested by several members of the family. Her family dynamics included the following: a Father who was always angry and verbally abusive, a mother who tried to commit suicide, illegitimacy, multiple marriages, violence, and a great deal of occult activity.

We lead her through forgiveness for those who had hurt her and repentance for her own actions and the actions of her ancestors. Furthermore, we lead her through a renunciation of Freemasonry which was in her family and her husband’s family. We know from our long experience in ministry that Freemasonry brings many health issues. Due to the oaths that the members take, their own words cause many health issues to become attached to the family members and their descendants.

During the three deliverance sessions, demons were expelled through coughing, burping, yawning, nose blowing, and spitting up phlegm. During the last session, a knot that had been in her throat for several years, suddenly disappeared. She stated that she was 80% better during the final session. We instructed her in how to pray and how to resist the attacks of the devil on a daily basis through speaking the Word of God, binding the manifestations of sickness, and casting down imaginations.

Testimony of Carly a 15 year old girl

Carly’s mother brought her to us for deliverance. She presented with Bi-polar disorder demonstrating jealousy, insomnia, fear, anger issues toward her natural father, poor self-esteem, self-hatred, lack of respect toward parents and family members. Furthermore, she was afraid to go to sleep at night because she was aware of a demonic presence in her room. She has felt the presence, heard it speaking, and felt it breathing on her many times.

During the first session, we broke word curses, family curses, soul ties, and occult influences. When we started breaking the curse that was placed on her family by the bone man (root doctor), she felt a choking sensation in her throat. We commanded it to come out and told her to cough to dislodge it from her throat. When she coughed, it came out. She stated that she felt much better after the session. Her mother told us later that she had diarrhea and vomiting for two hours after this session.

During the second session, we broke arrested development. As a small child, she witnessed a violent situation in which her father tried to shoot her mother while she was holding Carly. The gun went off but did not hit either of them. The parents got a divorce soon after that event. Carly has not had a relationship with her father because he is bi-polar and violent. He relinquished his rights to his daughter and she has changed her last name to that of her mother and sisters. Because of these events, she has had a great deal of resentment toward her natural father. After this session, her mother stated that she had diarrhea and vomiting all night.

A few days later, we went out to Carly’s house, anointed the home with oil, and commanded all demons to leave the property. Carly’s mother stated that she is now kinder and more patient with her sisters and family members. She is more respectful to her parents, shows more self-esteem, and is not as angry toward her natural father. Furthermore, she is able to sleep in her own room at night; whereas in the past she stayed up all night trying to avoid going to sleep due to fear of demonic beings in her room.

Testimony of Eli, a suffering from pornography addiction, obesity, and mental torment.

Eli found the Vann Hutchinson Ministries website as he was searching for healing for his wife. He decided to come to get ministry for himself first before asking for ministry for his wife. While taking the history, it was revealed that he had experienced a violent and traumatic childhood. His mother was addicted to drugs and attempted suicide multiple times. HIs father, who abandoned the family when Eli was 6, was an alcoholic and was involved in pornography. After the father left, the family was barely able to survive. The children were neglected and often went to school hungry, dirty and unkempt. This caused Eli to be bullied and humiliated by students and teachers alike. Furthermore, he was raped by an older cousin who, when the sexual relations were found out, made the family believe that Eli was the perpetrator of the relations.

All of the rejection, homosexual abuse, and humiliation had lead Eli to feel that he needed to prove himself to be a virile macho man. He joined the military and volunteered for dangerous assignments. After his enlistment ran out, he changed to the air force so that he could be parachute out of airplanes. He worked doubly hard on physical fitness training and won much acclaim from his drill sergeants for his dedication to duty. However, he could never overcome the hurt and insecurity from his childhood. He had repeated liaisons with women and men all over the country as he was transferred to different military bases over the years. In fact, he had so many sexual contacts that we had to break soul ties by the names of the states since he could not remember all of the names of his former partners.

After injuring his back, he had to leave the military and met a wonderful Christian woman and married. Although he loved her greatly, the lust that came in when he was raped as a child, kept driving him to go on porn sites. He felt guilty and unclean but he was driven to the porn sites and masturbation. Furthermore, he was also driven to overeating and had become quite over weight .

When Eli came, he was very repentant about his former lifestyle and although he had been a devout Christian for many years, he could not break the bondages that were in his life. During the first session, which was conducted in person, the demons manifested and came out with coughing, weeping, laughing, burping, yawning, and profuse sweating. After that first session, he stated that he was much improved mentally. In fact, he ordered our Basic Deliverance Course and began to study so that he could learn how to help other people.

Testimony of Emma:

Emma, a fifty year old woman, came to VHM with mental confusion, difficulty staying focused, and an inability to hear from God. She had also quit going to church due to being “church hurt” by her former pastor. She also had a lot of personal health issues, was seeing and hearing demons in her house, had insomnia, and had a lot of fear issues.

Emma was born to a fifteen year old mother, was illegitimate, and was a twin. Upon her birth, she and her twin were separated and given to different family members to raise. She never knew her father and although she did see her mother from time to time, she did not have a good relationship with her. Emma was raised by her aunt and uncle whom she loved dearly. However, her uncle died when she was six years old. She stated that the lights of joy and love went out when he died. She and her aunt simply existed after his death.

During the two deliverance sessions, demons manifested with coughing, laughing, growling, screaming, nose blowing, retching, twisting her body, and facial contortions as they were expelled. After the first session, she stated that she felt better and could hear God for two weeks after the session. However, she had to cancel her next appointment and the symptoms resumed prior to the second session. During the second session, she again had a great deal of manifestations as the demons were cast out and stated that she felt great at the end of that session. She did not keep her next appointment. We have found that some people just want to get enough deliverance to “turn down the heat” of demonic activity but do not want to expend the time and energy in prayer become totally free.


Testimony of Marty, a man in his fifties

Marty came to us as a Christian who had been born again since early childhood. He was active in ministry, loved the Lord Jesus Christ, and was living a life that was lined up with the Word of God. However, Marty developed a “Tic” at about the age of 8 years old when his father re-married a woman whom Marty could never please. She would continually give him chores to do and complain that he never did anything right. Her own children were never given chores and they were praised constantly and brought up to Marty as an example of what he should strive to be. As an adult, whenever stress or strife came up, Marty would demonstrate this “Tic” repeatedly jerking his head to one side. He had done it so long that he didn’t even notice it. But his wife and family noticed it.

At the beginning of the initial session, while word curses were being broken, Marty had a lot of coughing, yawning, and burping as demons began to manifest and come out. However, when the word curses of his step-mother were broken, Marty began to vomit repeatedly as the demons manifested and were expelled.

During the second session, as soul ties were being broken, again there were manifestations of coughing, burping, and yawning as un-Godly soul ties from his past were broken. When the soul tie with his step-mother was broken, Marty again expelled the demons by repeatedly vomiting and spitting up phlegm.

We did a total of three sessions with Marty. After all the sessions were completed, he stated that he felt much better and that he was getting along better with his wife and family. His wife stated that she could tell a big difference in his attitude toward her.

Testimony of Patty who came to Vann Hutchinson Ministries due to multiple physical illnesses:

While taking Patty’s history, it was revealed that she had gone through multiple traumas and emotional and physical abuse from her mother. Patty’s parents were alcoholics who argued constantly. She moved in with her grandmother when she was six years old but was moved back and forth between her grandmother’s house and her parent’s house. When she was ten, her father committed suicide. Since her mother wanted to collect SSI, she demanded that Patty move back in with her. Now that her father was not there to protect her, Patty’s mother took all of her rage out on Patty. Her mother broke her arm, tried to stab her, tried to choke her, shot at her pictures, and repeatedly threatened her life. The mother was committed to a mental hospital many times but would always return to continue her torment of Patty. All of the rejection, bitterness, stress, and fear took a toll on Patty’s life. She was suffering from asthma, high blood pressure, sinusitis, bronchitis, repeated bouts of pneumonia, gall bladder problems, diarrhea and abdominal cramps related to irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, chronic fatigue, menstrual problems lead to an early hysterectomy, and many food related issues.

During the first deliverance session, demons manifested with coughing and tears as they were expelled. At the second session, Patty reported that she was 70% improved after the first deliverance session. We ministered to Patty for five sessions. She stated that she had been having less pain and that she had been going out with her family more than in the past. She further stated that she was applying the principles that we taught her about how to resist the demons that come to bring sickness. She and her husband were praying diligently, resisting the devil, and commanding the symptoms to leave in the name of Jesus. She stated that she realized that this would have to become a way of life but that she was willing to do it in order to be closer to God and to become free from all sickness, pain, and torment. Although Patty was not fully healed, we taught her how to pray daily and how to continue to be responsible for her own complete deliverance. Deliverance ministers cannot stay with each person long enough to get them completely healed. What we do is get most of the demons out and teach them how to pray and resist the devil so that they can take the Word of God and get themselves free through the power of the Holy Spirit. Each person must take the responsibility for their own lives.

Testimony of Rachel

I came across Vann and Sandy’s deliverance ministry as I browsed the internet for deliverance from spirit husband. It was a testimony on their site that further lead me to them. In my desperation I have sent emails to different ministries earlier asking for help in deliverance, but have not heard back. And when I have heard back, it was always linked to monetary assistance for deliverance in return. So when I sent an email to Vann and Sandy, I did not expect much. But to my surprise I received a personal(not automated) email from Sandy that very day asking further details about my situation. Nothing was asked in return. My eyes were soaked in tears as I read that email from Sandy. Vann and Sandy graciously agreed to minister to me over Skype. Now this was ministry across the seas as I am located in India !

I was asked to fill out a questionnaire which would clearly explain my life situations. I prayed and asked God to lead me – As much as I could remember from my early childhood up until now I filled out all the details elaborately. At a very young age, I was sexually harassed by an uncle who masturbated me. I was afraid to talk about it. But this led me to masturbate myself for pleasure. As a born again Christian, although I knew this was wrong, the urge was strong and once the act was over, there was such a deep sense of guilt over me. That particular incident also brought about a fear and lack of trust of men. At a later stage in my life, I started getting sexually tormented by a spirit in the night. Even during the times when my prayer life has been strong, this has happened to me. When I searched the internet, I was surprised to find out that there were others too who had similar experiences and this had a term too – spirit husband ! I was devastated and did not know what I could do. My years of studying in a catholic school also led me to pick up beliefs such as praying to saints, repetitive prayers, etc…As a born again Christian, I did renounce all these beliefs and practices in my life. I had a strange marriage too – an unconsummated marriage of 9 years ! I knew very clearly that God’s Word says that He hates divorce. So I dare not utter the word – ‘divorce’ or dare not think of bringing shame upon my family and my parents whom I dearly loved by doing such a act. God enabled me to keep myself pure till my marriage, so this unconsummated marriage was something that I could not accept. The lack of sexual fulfilment in my marriage made me grow very bitter towards my husband.There was absolutely no peace in my family. There was always a spirit of strife hovering over me. I also want to add that I was raised in a Christian family. But living in a culture with so many religions and beliefs and occult practices so prevalent – in my ignorance I have read the horoscopes, have my palm read etc… all of which I clearly documented as the Lord it to remembrance.

Vann and Sandy sent me lots of materials over the internet for me to go through.I meditated on the names of God which has been a very powerful experience for me. Whenever I feel a heavy cloud of depression coming over me, I meditate on the names of God, his nature and character, and I immediately sense the spirit of depression leaving me. I also took the Holy Communion and meditated on the Scriptures sent to me. This helped to build the confidence of what  Christ did for me on the cross and the rightful inheritance I had in Him. Before the actual ministry over Skype began, I was scared if there would be violent manifestations. I was also not sure how comfortable I would be with Vann and Sandy as they were from a different culture. But as the sessions began, I realised that they were such warm, genuine and truly concerned ministers. They clearly explained what I can expect during the sessions. This took out a lot of fear from me.

I had a total of 4 sessions with Vann and Sandy as they ministered to me over Skype. Each session was at least 2-3 hours long. During each of the sessions as they broke the demons over my life, I was coughing and spitting up mucous and also yawning. I also remember that after my very first session of deliverance ministry I experienced severe attacks in my health over the next few weeks – i was severely ill with viral fevers that would not go away and there were incidents that would cause me to feel depressed. Sandy explained to me that these are the forces of darkness coming against me and asked me to press on. By the end of the fourth session, I experienced such peace in my life… something that I had not felt in a long time. It has been 5+ months after my sessions with them as I today write out my testimony, but till date I have not felt the urge to masturbate or had any visitations of spirits in the night.My marriage has had much changes – there is so much peace. Our relationship has improved so much. Very frankly, our sexual life has not made much progress, but i have grown to be less bitter and more understanding towards him. An area that I will continue to press on for I know that there is hope in Christ….

I am very thankful to Vann and Sandy who have been so wonderful and truly a blessing in my life.

Thank you Jesus !

Testimony of Sandy, a young woman in her thirties suffering with lupus:

Sandy came complaining of all the physical symptoms involved in the disease of lupus. However, as with every case of deliverance, there was a deeper problem hidden beneath the surface. While taking the history, she revealed that she had been sexually molested all during childhood on a daily basis at the baby sitter’s house. She was so ashamed of what had been done to her that she had never revealed it to her parents or anyone else. The emotional pain had been so suppressed that it had turned into physical pain and self-hatred.

A week after the first session, Sandy stated that she was 50% better. She had begun to speak to the pain on a daily basis and pray the way we taught her to do. She was also teaching her children to pray and resist the devil rather than giving in to symptoms.

We ministered to Sandy over a period of three months. During that time, we broke word curses, soul ties, family curses, and the occult from her life. Demons were expelled through coughing, yawning, burping, and retching. At the end of the three months, Sandy stated that she had cut her medication down significantly. She was experiencing less pain and her life was much better than it had been prior to deliverance ministry. During the last session, we prayed with Sandy to receive the Baptism into the Holy Spirit. She left praying in the Holy Spirit with tears of joy on her face.

Testimony of Toni:

Toni came to Vann Hutchinson Ministries due to depression brought on by the divorce and re-marriage of her husband. She stated that her husband had been involved in many affairs during their 18 year marriage. In fact, the first time she caught him with another woman, it was in her own bed when she came home from work early due to illness.

As usual, Toni’s history indicated that her problems were not related to just her husband’s infidelity and desertion. Her life was a mirror-image of her mother and grandmother’s life. All three women were married to men who were adulterers. Her grandmother had a stroke after finding out that her husband had a mistress. Although Toni was illegitimate, her mother married when Toni was nine. The man abused her mother and refused to contribute financially to the family finances. Another child was born to Toni’s mother and she became Toni’s best friend. However, the child developed leukemia and died when her father refused to give his bone marrow to save her life. Toni never had a true relationship with her natural father. Although he lived in the community, he never acted like a father to her. She would see him around town with his legitimate children doing things that she wished he would do with her. She determined that her children would not live the life that she lead as a child.

After her marriage, Toni’s husband joined the army. He was very successful in the army and got promoted regularly. However, his affairs kept causing him to get busted to a lower rank and the family would be transferred to another military base. Over the years, Toni decided that she wanted a career that provided better financial security. Therefore, she went to college and got her degree. With a degree, she was always able to find a new job whenever the family was re-located.

During the first deliverance session, demons were expelled with burping, yawning, coughing, and shaking. However, when we began to break the soul-tie with Toni’s ex-husband, her face contorted. She took on the appearance of a very old Asian woman. Toni was a young African American woman. After that session, Toni reported that she was doing much better. She was sleeping better and had been doing better with the depression. We did a second session with Toni and again she had a great deal of manifestations with more facial contortions, yawning, burping, twisting, shaking, and vomiting. We scheduled a third appointment but she did not keep that appointment and has not gone through any further deliverance.

We included this testimony to show that many people are not willing to stand spiritually and fight in order to get free. It didn’t matter that Toni saw the power of God and the power of demons during the two deliverance sessions.   In these cases, the demons usually return because the people have not developed the prayer skills needed to keep them out.

Will, a twenty year old adult tormented with fear, anxiety, rebellion, and porn addiction

Will was born to an unmarried young woman who had a relationship with a married man. He was given up for adoption shortly after birth and was visited by his natural mother only two times after his adoption. As a child, his adoptive father would fly into violent rages in which he would become verbally and physically abusive. Will’s adoptive mother stated that when that occurred, he would go into a corner, get into a fetal position, and scream “God help us, God help us!” His adoptive parents separated and divorced when he was 8-10 years old. After the divorce, the child was molested during court ordered visits with his adoptive dad. As a child, he experienced a great deal of failure in school due to learning disabilities. Since becoming an adult, he has found it difficult to hold a job because he has difficulty interacting with others and has a fear of those in positions of authority. Furthermore, he gets along poorly with his adoptive mother with whom he lives. He stated that he often resented her because she could have protected him during the abuse.

After the first session, Will stated that his mind was clearer and that he felt that his “Brain was re-wiring itself”. We worked with Will over a period of three months, during which time he felt that he got progressively better. We felt that Will suffered from arrested development due to the rejection and abuse which he experienced in early childhood. His adoptive mother stated that he often stared at himself in the mirror for long periods of time. When we asked him about this, he said that it was because he didn’t know who he was. His mother also stated that when they go shopping, he asks if she is going to leave him there at the store.

During the time that we worked with them, Will and his adoptive mother were instructed on how to pray effectively and how to pray the scriptures of God over their situations. They were also taught how to resist demonic suggestions and attacks of demons. Since his final session, Will’s adoptive mother reports that they are still praying and resisting the demons as we taught them to do. Furthermore, they have more freedom, and are closer to God.

TS was referred to VHM due to depression brought on by separation and divorce.

During the history, she stated that her husband had been involved in many adulterous affairs during the marriage and that she always took him back when he repented and promised to change his ways. She further stated that her maternal grandmother had a husband, TS’s grandfather, who was also a womanizer and an abuser. Her grandmother told her that he picked her up and threw her once when she was pregnant and she miscarried. She also told her that she had her first stroke at the age of 40 when her husband brought another woman to a family dinner.
TS’s own mother conceived TS at the age of 18 and had to raise her as a single parent without financial support from the father. She remembered that her father would come to see her on some weekends and give her a $10 bill. Her mother married twice after the relationship with TS’s father ended but both men were abusers and were not financial providers.
TS witnessed her mother being abused by husband number one. She said that her mother moved with the children from his house back into the grandparents house. She said when he found out, he came to the house in a violent rage and that the mother hid in the bedroom as he beat on the doors trying to get into the house. TS and her sibling picked up a gun and tried to shoot him but they were not big enough to hold the gun even though both of them tried to do it together. She said that her mother finally came out of the bedroom and let him into the house. He then packed them up and took them back to his house.
TS stated that her mother had a daughter who became ill and needed bone marrow but the father, who was the only possible match, refused to give his marrow. He said that he would rather see the child dead than to give his marrow. The child died at the age of five or six. Her mother’s second husband, was a truck driver. He was verbally abusive and refused to provide for the family. TS had witnessed that man cursing her mother many times and knew that her mother could not stand up to him.
TS caught her husband in bed with another woman in her own home when her first child was a baby. She got sick at work and came home early and found this woman and her husband in the bed while the baby was sleeping in the next room. Since he is a career military man, they have been stationed on several different bases around the country. He was prosecuted for adultery by the military but TS stood by her man through that situation. He was also demoted but quickly won his rank back only to get into another problem situation in the next base to which the family moved. The last child that was born to TS was conceived by trickery. They were using condoms but TS found out that he had put a hole in the condoms.
During the interview and the history session, TS’s main complaint was depression. She had not been involved in any occult activities, had only a few sexual soul-ties, and had very little response when we broke those areas of bondage. However, when we got to breaking the soul-tie with her ex-husband, God showed Vann to break control , witchcraft control, root work, and Santeria. When we started breaking these off of her, she started having big yawns and shaking. Then she had a long exhale that looked like a yawn but wasn’t. She just had her mouth wide open but there wasn’t a yawn. Then she started throwing up. Several times her face contorted and she looked really strange. Her lips curled in over her teeth and her face stretched tightly so that she did not look like herself. Each time this occurred, she would shake, her eyes would cross, roll back, or close as the demons shook her trying to hold on to its stronghold. This happened 8-10 times. Sometimes it ended with her vomiting and sometimes it ended with a relaxation. Once it lasted so long that she was sweating profusely and shaking violently before the demon came out. At the end of this part of the deliverance session, we decided to stop for this time. She was exhausted and needed to rest.
We told her about the curse of bondage that comes from pierced ears at the beginning of the session. She had expressed a desire to have this broken off of her life. Therefore, as we prayed at the end of the session, we commanded the Leviathan spirit to come out and we anointed her ears. She again had the manifestation of her mouth opening wide, her face contorting, and shaking as the spirit left. We initially told TS that we would do later sessions over the phone but the violence of these sessions showed us that we needed to do her in person to avoid any injury to her.


I suffered from depression, anxiety, social phobias and fear for over 15 years, due to rejection and abuse I endured in my life. These things negatively affected my life, my relationships, my jobs and my marriage. I have been a Christian most of my life, constantly praying for God to help me. I even went to a few counselors. It seemed like things weren’t getting better. I contemplated suicide a few times, as the depression got worse. In desperation, I started exploring New Age practices in order to find some peace in my emotions. I started exploring meditation, crystals, aromatherapy, sage smudging and even chakra balancing. I even thought I was an “empath” at one point, and began studying more about this. Absolutely nothing seemed to be working. In fact, it got worse! I was deceived for a while, thinking these things were ok for me to practice as a Christian. However, once I was able to realize these practices were really connected to witchcraft, I repented, renounced these New Age practices, threw away all my crystals and books and rededicated myself to God.
I began reading Christian books about emotional “Healing and Deliverance” and discovered the truth about deliverance. I knew Jesus cast demons out of people in the Bible, but I was misinformed by the church regarding deliverance. I was taught only “sinners” had demons, and demons could not inhabit the body of a Christian believer. I didn’t think I could be a Christian and also have demons, but I eventually learned that this is totally possible. I also didn’t know of any churches that actually practiced deliverance, and if they did, they were charging for it. I prayed that God would help me find a deliverance ministry that had the true heart of God, and not just one that was looking for money. It took me over a year to find one, and one day I finally found Vann Hutchinson Ministries online. The first time I spoke with Vann and Sandy over the phone, I felt the love of God. They worked with me over the phone for weeks, casting out demons from me, and never asking me for a penny. I was shocked that all those demons were inside of me! Today, I can say I have been delivered from fear, anxiety, worry, rejection, witchcraft, all the demons that came in through New Age practices and several other demons! I was also delivered from a “night husband spirit” that was visiting me in my dreams and causing problems in my marriage for several years. Praise God! I am so happy to finally be free! I was amazed how many demons you can pick up when you disobey God’s word! I learned, if God says don’t do it in the Bible, it is for a reason. Stay away from it!
I no longer have tormenting fearful thoughts that made me afraid of everything! I didn’t realize how much these demons had created so much “chatter” in my mind, until they were cast out. Now, I can think clearer and my mind is quieter. I have calm in my life, my relationships have improved with my family members and my husband has noticed a huge difference in me. I have been able to share my testimony with my family and now they are seeking God more in their own lives. I feel like the real me is able to shine through now and all the glory belongs to God! There are some spirits that try to come back every now and again. However, since I have learned how to “fight” in the spirit, I tell these demons to leave when they try to return, and it works! I no longer feel like a victim in life. I feel like I have power and authority from Jesus to speak to my situations and cast out demons whenever I need to. I am so grateful to Vann and Sandy for helping me and for teaching me how to fight spiritually. Praise God for this ministry!

Personal Testimony from C K

The Lord led me to this ministry after a choking sensation kept overwhelming me upon returning from a trip abroad. There was no physical reason for it and I knew it was a spiritual attack but was helpless to stop it. Several times I felt like I was near death, unable to breathe. I was raised in church and saved as a young child but have always struggled with life, depression, stress and physical problems. I’ve sought out deliverance before but not found freedom. I’m so very thankful for Vann and Sandy. Not only is the choking gone, but I’ve been set free from many other things that I’ve struggled with for years both emotionally and physically. Best of all, I’ve learned how to do battle on my own so I can continue being set free and stay delivered when the enemy comes against me! I used to recognize when the enemy was attacking me, but I was so overwhelmed that I could not fight. I felt paralyzed and so weak inside that I could do nothing. Now I don’t have to call or go to someone, I’ve learned and have the tools I need to stand with His Word and confidence in the authority God gave me as His child.

I always read Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” I would read that and ponder it, but in most churches, we are told that thinking or focusing on the enemy gives him power so we are taught to ignore him. God could have just said we needed to do battle against the spiritual forces of the enemy, but He starts out the instruction by telling us we need not struggle against flesh and blood. Now I realize that when I was not doing battle against the rulers and authorities, all that was left to struggle with was the flesh and blood… that’s me and the people around me! Since I’m learning to battle the enemy, I’ve noticed a marked difference in the struggles within myself and with my family and those around me. There is so much more peace in my life and relationships. Along with that, my relationship with God is deepening. I find I can enter worship so much more easily and I have a stronger hunger for the things of God. I’ve always loved God and sought to please Him, but constantly struggled with opposing desires, depression, strife, stress, etc. Now when these things try to come into my day I am no longer overwhelmed but through the training materials provided, I’ve learned how to recognize and go on the offensive with the Word of God and the authority He’s given. It’s life-changing.
I’m so thankful for the way God is using this ministry and so very thankful He led me to them!

Mar’s Testimony

After reaching rock bottom, I turned to God for help. Even though I was far from being righteous, Jesus took me in His loving arms and turned my life around.
God knows very well what is in our hearts; our fears and worries and he uses Godly people to help us be healed and restored. Little did I know that he already had a plan that I would be delivered by Jesus through people hundreds of miles away. The word deliverance kept coming to my mind and one day I Googled the real meaning of deliverance. As I attempted to find an answer, Vann Hutchinson Ministries popped up. I had had bad experiences with so called righteous leaders who have no compassion or inclination to see one set free. Being suspicious of leaders and ministries, I zoomed the photo of Uncle Vann and Auntie Sandy and the most amazing thing happened, I felt this amazing inner peace. I knew that God had put them in my path and I contacted them through email. Auntie Sandy responded to say that they would be prepared to minister to me on SKYPE as we live on the other side of the world, many miles away. This was an answer to prayer, they were interested in me and willing to walk with me and see me set free. We met on SKYPE and had our first session. As Uncle Vann opened in prayer, there was this confirmation that this was of GOD, the inner peace came again. I felt comfortable and safe and knew that I could trust them. They are friendly and kind and come across as loving people with the Father’s heart. Sharing my bad experiences was very traumatizing for me but they kept on reassuring me that GOD wanted me set free and that God loved me and wanted me to have peace, joy, and blessings.
I am 50 years old and although I thought I was a Christian, I was often broken, depressed, and angry, an emotional mess. How can one be walking in victory if demons are operating in one’s life? No, I was not living a Christian life but only existing. I grew up in a home with no harmony, my father cheated on my Mother and she was bitter, negative, and very broken. The whole family suffered due to his poor choices. Finances were always a problem. At one time, we fled with just the clothes we had and the enemy kept on stealing from us. My eldest brother abused me and for years I carried this burden of shame. We lived a life of turmoil, sadness, and we were totally broken.
I got married without the Lord’s permission and years later got divorced.
While I was pregnant, the devil used people to put tremendous fear in me. They kept speaking negative words about my baby due to my age. However, my baby was born perfectly healthy. But because of the lies of the devil, I was so anxious and full of fear and battled to enjoy my pregnancy. This again, put tremendous guilt on me. In the past, I had had broken relationships. I got married without the Lord’s confirmation and sadly the Lord was not the centre of my marriage. I felt lonely and empty and the enemy ruled until I got divorced. Later, I re-connected with a former fiancé from years back who had promised me the world. After only a few weeks, he became aggressive and very abusive and condemned me daily for having married my son’s Father. I entered severe depression and was full of fear. I looked for comfort in churches but my son and I felt like orphans, excluded. I joined a very big church and started to serve and started searching to find out about deliverance. This church was as though it was not part of life. Prosperity was the attraction and I started to feel despondent. I needed healing and truth. I knew that I and thousands of others who attended that church needed deliverance. I felt that unless I could be free from my chains of personal sin, curses, and bondage of demons there would be endless defeat.
I have been divorced for many years and I asked the Lord to find me a Godly man.
I met a man in a very unusual way and thought that this was my soul mate. We got on well and he treated me like a princess. One day he offered to help me sell my car and never gave me the money and disappeared. I was devastated and broken. He then contacted me to say that he had used the money for his addiction to drugs. How could this be? I had not discerned and was not aware that he was on drugs. He confessed the truth to me and wanted help. I walked with him through rehab for 4 weeks and he was a new man. He got baptized and I honestly saw a difference. The day he came out of rehab, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, we were both devastated. After 3 months, I had a mastectomy and he relapsed. I felt so guilty that it was all my fault. I should have been a Godly example and not have been so full of fear. Also, I did not make sure that he went to his weekly follow up meetings. It was all about me and I was riddled with fear and felt that I was the cause of his relapse. Now, I am able to pray for him and with him and I am trusting God to set him free. I am also able to pray for others and am so excited about what GOD has done and is doing in my life. I want to tell others that JESUS sets us free.
I also had great difficulty in reading God’s word.
Uncle Vann and Auntie Sandy were God-sent into my situation . They broke the family curses, word curses, emotional, and physical abuse off of my life and God gave me peace. I feel like a different woman. I know that God has broken the chains and that I have been set free. This huge mountain of burdens has been removed from my shoulders. They also taught me how to pray and how to resist the devil from coming back into my life. My son and I are now reading the Bible from cover to cover. The scriptures are alive. We need to be saturated in His word as uncle Vann puts it. My son and I call them Uncle Vann and Auntie Sandy because they took us into their hearts and loved us just like we were part of their family. I have asked them for prayer and advise at different occasions and they have always been there for me and my son. I continue to listen to the teachings which they sent me and I continue to learn more about the word of God. My life has a new beginning and I know that I will never be the victim that I was for so many years. I am growing in the LORD and I am more disciplined. My anger and my anxiety are gone. I go to the Father and I pray. My relationship with JESUS makes me stronger daily. I know I am healed, restored, and set free. I have forgiven everyone who hurt me and I have asked to be forgiven for everyone I have hurt. This is very important to do and it’s very liberating.
Uncle Vann and Auntie Sandy’s teachings are so easy to understand that even my young son is able to follow and understand. They explain step by step about learning and about reaching your full potential in God’s divine kingdom and about appropriating the promises of God. They have reminded me over and over what the word of God says, that JESUS HAS GIVEN US ALL AUTHORITY OVER ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY.
They have confirmed what I always believed that deliverance must be preached and practiced by all believers and that true deliverance forms an essential element of the salvation experience. Deliverance bears witness to the resurrection of JESUS CHRIST.
I praise God for this Godly couple who give unselfishly so much of their time to help others be set free. Their teachings, books, and CDs are an amazing investment for every family for generations to come. All teachings have back up of scriptures.

May the Lord bless them and cause their ministry to reach all continents and every corner of the earth. Amen TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!

My testimony

I thank God for this deliverance ministry. Before finding this ministry, I felt very alone and isolated. I had many thoughts of confusion and rejection. I found no relief in the church but rather found church to be a place of legalism and bondage in my life. I did not know where to turn. So in my search, I found this deliverance ministry. After making contact with the ministry, Sandy called me back and we set up a phone appointment. Both Vann and his wife Sandy ministered to me during the actual deliverance sessions. Both he and his wife were so willing to listen and willing to come against all the negative (demonic) thoughts that had caused me so much torment. They worked with me for over a period of two months, totally free of charge. This was great for me, because I didn’t have much to give, since I am currently unemployed. On one occasion, I asked Vann and Sandy why they give so much of their time ministering to people without charging a fee. They told me that Jesus had given to them freely and that they were giving back freely. Anyway, they gave me so much instruction and understanding about myself and about the Lord. I was able to see how sin had caused me to open myself up to the devil. The image of God became distorted to me. Instead of seeing Him as a good and loving father, I began to relate to him according to the way that abusive people in positions of authority have treated me. I came from such a dysfunctional and abusive past. I could not separate my true self from the false self that demons operated through me. The following demons were cast out of me: anger, rage, resentment, passivity, rejection, hatred, un-forgiveness, bitterness, perfectionism, rebellion, lust, anxiety, fear, rape, abortion, murder, death, ugly, grief, shame, uncleanness, abandonment, and self-hatred. Several family curses had to be broken related to the occult, witchcraft, and false religion. After receiving deliverance, I continue to move forward in greater releases of freedom. All of the glory belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. I no longer listen to Satan and his lies that come through ungodly, doubtful, and unbelieving thoughts. I cast them out in the name of Jesus. Also, I am no longer limited and stifled by his demons of mental torment. I now have victory in the Lord and deliverance was one of the steps that helped me reach that victory. Faith and obedience to God’s word are two of the keys that unlocked the door and gave me spiritual, physical, and mental liberty. I could not fully obey the Lord before because there were many hindrances blocking my way. Once those root causes were revealed and cast out, I began to see Jesus afresh in an entirely different light. He is Father, High-Priest, Counselor, Lover, Lord and Savior to all who believe. If you are reading this and wondering about your walk with the Lord, or about the problems in your life, do not hesitate to contact this ministry. Deliverance is not the only answer to your problems, but it will provide you with some of the answers to the true source of your pain. Once you gain this valuable knowledge and are persistent and make a commitment to choosing the ways of the Lord, you too will experience His overcoming grace. I am able to experience Jesus in a very real way as I choose His thoughts and His ways to replace all of the lies and garbage that I received from that tyrant (Satan).

LC was referred to VHM by another minister. She was experiencing a great deal of stress related to her son who has mental illness. During the interview process, it was revealed that she had a great deal of emotional and physical abuse during a previous marriage, physical and sexual abuse going back to her childhood, familial occult involvement, and rejection in her life. Although the adult son’s problems were stressors, they were not the root cause of her problems. She was suffering from post traumatic seizures, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, fear, and bitterness. The seizures occurred daily and sometimes multiple times daily.
During the first session, there were many demonic manifestations; however, when she came back for the second session, she stated that she was not much improved. Therefore, we decided to break ancestral curses from Freemasonry. During this session, she had a tremendous amount of manifestation and when she called back for the third session, she stated that she was much improved. During the third session, we broke the Strongman spirits and the Kundalini web through the chakras. There was a great deal of yawning, coughing, groaning, retching, and gagging as the demons were expelled.
We told her about the curse of bondage that comes on people when they have piercings. She repented for piercing her body and renounced the spirit of Leviathan that came in when she had the piercing. We also broke the bondage to the spirit of Bacchus which comes through alcoholism. During the fourth session, the demons manifested with itching as we commanded the strongman spirits to leave. The Kundalini strongman demonstrated the most manifestation as it was cast out.
During the final session, she stated that in the two weeks since we had ministered to her, there had been only one epileptic seizure. We did a review of all the Strongmen, occult, Catholic, Freemasonry, Kundalini Syndrome, and emotional triggers. She had very little demonic manifestations. That was an indication, that the demonization was no longer the problem. In fact, she stated that she was no longer walking around in fear and depression as she had been previously. Furthermore, she had stopped drinking, was more optimistic, and sounded happy. She stated that she was praying, speaking the Word of God, and resisting the devil as we had taught her to do. We released her at the end of the session.

Felicia’s Testimony

Felicia contacted us at VHM after going to a ministry in Florida which charged her $4,000 but gave her no deliverance. She was in a state of anxiety and depression and felt that her marriage of four years had been a mistake. After the birth of her son, she realized that her husband was more attached to his older daughter ( by a previous marriage) than he was to her or her son. It seemed that no matter what she did to please him, she always came up being criticized and condemned by him and his family.
Felicia’s parents had divorced when she was very young. As a result, she and her family had suffered rejection and poverty because her father did not support the children. She was molested as a child and tried to commit suicide as a teen. In her search for love, she had been in many sexual relationships and did not marry until she was in her thirties. There was also a lot of occult oppression on her life.
After the first deliverance session, Felicia stated that she felt much better. In fact, her mind was clearer and she had been able to feel the presence of the Lord as she had not done in a long time. She also stated that she had been able to deal with her husband better in the week since her last session.
We ministered to Felicia once a week for two months. During that time, we also counseled her spiritually and taught her how to resist the demons which kept attacking her mind and her marriage. During the last session, she stated that she had never experienced such a wonderful relationship with God as she was having now that she was free from demonic oppression. She did not know if her marriage would last but she knew that she would not allow her husband to destroy her new walk with the Lord. In fact, she stated the things which had thrown her into rages and self recrimination in the past were no longer causing her to lose her control.

Testimony of DS

DS came to VHM at the age of 18 years old. He had recently graduated from high school and realized that he had wasted his opportunities. Just prior to graduation, he became rebellious and moved out of the family home to live with a friend. During that time, he quit studying, started drinking and partying with his friends. He also lost his virginity and started having casual sexual relations with women. As a result of these actions, his grades were not good enough to get into any college. Now, all of his friends had gone to college and he was alone and wasting his time looking for a job when there were no jobs in his small town.
DS was visiting the Bible College where Vann and I were teaching when he overheard us mention our deliverance ministry. He asked us if we could do anything to change things in his life. When he came for ministry, he was very depressed and suicidal. He felt that he had let his family, himself, and God down. During his six months of rebellion, as he had became sexually active, he became obsessed with pornography, masturbation, fantasy, and porn websites. He could not keep his mind on anything except the fact that if something didn’t change, his life was ruined.
During the deliverance session, we broke soul-ties with all of his sexual partners, word curses, and family curses of poverty, illegitimacy, and failure. We lead him in repentance for his own sins and forgiveness for all the people who had hurt him throughout his life. This included his mother, father, and step-father.


We met when DG, we went to a church near her home to hold a Deliverance School. At the end of one of the sessions, we did some group deliverance. When Vann commanded a spirit of rape to come out, something within DG began to scream and she started coughing and retching until it came out. She knew that she needed more deliverance, so she contacted us after the meeting ended and started having regular deliverance sessions over the phone.
Her childhood was very chaotic. She was molested by an uncle at the age of five. After that, she became very fearful, withdrawn, and quiet. Her parents worked all the time, so her sisters and she were raised by the maternal grandparents. When she went to school, her grandfather told her that she was stupid because she had a learning disability. Her grandmother, aunt, and sister were very involved in the occult and openly practiced witchcraft. Her father was an alcoholic and read lots of pornography. He died in an accident when she was in her early teens. Due to all of these traumas and occult practices, she grew up feeling rejected, unloved, inadequate, and afraid. As she grew older, she began to have a lot of sickness and emotional problems. She became diabetic with nerve problems in her feet, hands, back, and neck. She also had a lot of tension, anxiety, and stress.
She became a born again Christian in her early 20’s. After that, her relationship with her mother, sisters, and other family members became tumultuous. She kept trying to reach out to them but they seemed to be unable to have a normal family relationship. Furthermore, as her health deteriorated, her marriage began to suffer. There was a lot of bitterness and emotional pain between her and her husband.
After going through five months of deliverance, counseling, and training on how to pray and how to resist the attacks of the enemy, her life has changed dramatically. She has put her relationship with Jesus first in her life. She gets up early in the morning so that she can pray, praise and worship God, and get into the Word. She now has more peace and things that used to cause her stress are no longer a problem. It’s not that the situations have all changed, but her perception has changed. She is now able to recognize the attacks of the enemy and stop them before they can get a stronghold in her life. The anxiety and depression have left and she is able to concentrate when she reads the Bible. Also, her physical condition has gotten better. She has learned how to “speak to the mountain” and command the physical conditions to leave in the name of Jesus. It is her desire to minister for God and to help others who need deliverance as she did. She stated that she feels that she is now free to progress toward that goal.


Agnes’ family, which is of East Indian descent, moved to the Caribbean three generations ago. At that time, they combined their Hindu faith with the witchcraft which they found in their new homeland. She said that they worshiped the Hindu gods Vishnu, Sita (Vishnu’s wife), Shiva, Krishna, Ram, Sege, Kali, Hanuman, Ganesh (elephant head god), Kaushiki (goddess with many hands), and Revanta (riding a horse). Prior to her birth, Agnes’ grandparents and parents were witches and warlocks. While Agnes was in the womb, her parents made a covenant with Satan and gave Agnes to a demon who was to become her spirit husband. While growing up in the Caribbean, Agnes experienced physical and verbal abuse. She remembered being raped by an uncle and by men on the street. She said that such things were common in her country.

Agnes told us that her parents would cook meals and take them to the river to give to the water spirits. She also recalled that her mother would drink alcohol and give it to her spirit guides. On many occasions, her mother would tell her that she had put a curse on someone and that they were going to die on a particular day. She said that they always died on the day that her mother predicted. She also remembers that her parents would kill roosters and spread their blood around during their rituals and worship of Satanic deities.

Agnes has been married three times. Each marriage has ended with her husband going into adultery and becoming abusive to Agnes. She stated that the spirit husband comes to her at night and she is unable to prevent him from having sexual relations with her. When she wakes up, she gets out of bed and prays but she gets no relief. While praying, her body often shakes and contorts as the demons try to interfere with her prayers. Agnes has been through “so called” deliverance sessions before but the demonic oppression did not change. Besides the sexual oppression, she also hears sounds and voices in her home and in her ears. She said that they often tell her to kill herself. She is depressed and said that she felt confused due to all of the oppression in her life.

During the deliverance sessions, we broke word curses over her and her family, witchcraft, strongman demons, mind control, spiritual husband, and Eastern religion. The demons came out through coughing, screaming, and howling.  We also broke the covenant that her parents made with the spirit husband. She now states that for the first time in her life, she knows who she is and the she likes herself. We instructed her in how to pray and how to bind the demons when they tried to return; especially the night demons and poltergeists. We instructed her in anointing her home and property and commanding the demons to leave.

After four months of weekly deliverance ministry, Agnes was released from the attacks at night. She was also set free from the twisting and shaking that came whenever she prayed or worshiped God. Agnes is now strong enough to fight her own spiritual battles. She continues in daily warfare against the enemy.


When I came to Vann and Sandy, I was a real mess. By the grace of God, I found them on the Internet and sought them out for a deliverance session. We discussed my childhood, and they explained to me that I had a spirit of rejection stemming from the lack of a relationship with my father growing up. This spirit caused me to try and fill that void in unhealthy relationships. The dysfunction and demise of these relationships caused further emotional scars for which I had previously sought healing through New Age philosophies and other facets of Eastern Religion such as meditation. I thought I was dealing with my issues and didn’t realize the extent of the damage that had been done nor did I know that I had opened doors for the enemy to attack me. In addition to my emotional baggage, I also began to experience strange physical ailments that medical doctors were unable to diagnose nor could they determine the origin. The combination of the numerous emotional wounds and the stress of this unknown medical condition finally took its toll, and I began to suffer from anxiety and attacks against my mind from the enemy. Vann and Sandy conducted several healing and deliverance sessions with me, and I experienced multiple manifestations of unclean spirits. They provided me with the tools and scriptures that I needed in order to build my knowledge of the Word of God, strengthen my faith, and continue my path of healing. One key lesson that I learned from Sandy was that I needed to realize that anything that contradicted the Word of God and created doubt and unbelief was from enemy. She explained to me that once I realized that, my life would change. I have now begun to recognize that when I get thoughts that do not line up with God’s Word that they are from the enemy and to cast them out immediately or “nip it, nip it, nip it”! Because of the teachings and healing that Vann and Sandy have ministered to me, I am now on a path of restoration and realizing who I am in Christ. They give freely of themselves to help deliver God’s people and perform the kingdom work that the Lord has called them to do. I thank God for them and will be eternally grateful for all they have done for me.


I’d like to share my testimony to encourage others who might be under demonic oppression or attacks. My 2 brothers and I were born and raised in Kenya. After high school, we all got scholarships to study in the US. That’s when the demonic attacks became apparent. My father is the eldest of his siblings, but his mother was already pregnant with him when she got married to another man, the father of the rest of her children. So they consider my father illegitimate and believe that he should not prosper because his kids (illegitimate grandchildren), will steal the blessings of the other legitimate grandchildren. I’d like to mention that my paternal grandmother, my father’s mother, is a witch and practices voodoo and black magic. She initiated all her sons too and they are all into witchcraft. Because my brothers and I are in the US, they are envious and feel that we should not be allowed to prosper. They have tried to block all our ways but we are thankful that no man or demon can stop the will of God.

There have been numerous attacks on my mother who is a staunch Christian. She didn’t know what kind of family she was marrying into. Sometime last year they had commanded evil objects into her body that disoriented her back and spinal cord. Through the grace of God and prayer warriors in Kenya she was healed and able to walk. They still do attack her frequently but she confesses the word of God and strongly fights off these attacks.

My younger brother plays college football and he has several scholarship offers from different colleges. My uncles and grandmother have taken upon themselves to destroy him so that he has no scholarships or doesn’t prosper in football. They command evil objects into his knees and he’ll collapse while on the field. He has no trouble walking or doing normal activities, but once he gets on the football field to play, the pain becomes unbearable. They also don’t want my brothers and I to get married lest our children continue to “steal their blessings”. Before I knew that we were under attack, I would start promising relationships but they wouldn’t last. After a month or so the guys would not be interested anymore and would just leave for no reason.

I was searching for deliverance ministries online when I came across Vann and Sandy’s Ministry. I sent an email through the website and completely forgot about it. About a month later, I received an email from Sandy asking if I still need a deliverance session. Vann and Sandy prayed and ministered to me over the phone that night and I believe I got delivered. They also gave me deliverance prayers, teachings, and scriptures to read and confess. Every time I feel sharp pains on my back, or feel like I’m under attack I pray the deliverance prayer (that Vann and Sandy wrote for people who are in warfare) and miraculously the pain always disappears. I know the prayer by heart and I usually just pray it wherever I am. I have shared the prayers and scriptures with my brothers and mother so that they can also pray down the spiritual attacks.

What I have learnt is that the devil is very persistent in his attacks. I’m thankful that now I’m knowledgeable and able to fight back through the word of God. My favorite verse from the Bible is Psalms 91. I’m so grateful to Vann and Sandy for their deliverance ministry, may God continue to bless them as they minister and set free God’s children.


Tammy was experiencing severe depression, anxiety, fear, and panic attacks when she contacted our ministry.  Her life had been filled with rejection from the age of seven when her mother died unexpectedly with a heart attack.  While being raised by relatives, she had to endure repeated verbal abuse.  Tammy grew up and received a master’s degree in business administration but could not hold on to a job due to her inability to handle stress and confrontation.  She eventually married and had two children but she was always that fearful little seven-year-old child on the inside.

While taking the history during the first session, it was revealed that she had been sexually molested by a family friend and had undergone two abortions.  There was also some experience with the occult and eastern religions.  After the first session, which had great manifestations of demonic deliverance, she stated that she was 50% better and was actually sleeping peacefully at night.  After a second session, two weeks later, she stated that she was 85% better. She was no longer experiencing anxiety, depression, or panic attacks.  In fact, she had taken her two children for an outing for the very first time.  Her husband was elated at the changes in his wife.  After listening to our series on After Deliverance, Now What?, she stated that she had learned how to resist the demons and their demonic thoughts and had been successfully fighting every attempt  to bring her back under their control.

At the end of that session, she received the Baptism into the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.


Prior to meeting Vann and Sandy Hutchinson, my life was in a downward spiral.  Although I was a Christian, I had lost the ability to seek God through prayer because Satan had convinced me that God was angry with me and that He no longer listened to my prayers.  I had been suffering with depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder for 9 years.  My condition included severe panic attacks and heart palpitations amongst a myriad of other symptoms.  I had lost all hope and was in a deep pit of despair. I was referred to the Hutchinsons by a personal friend who had received deliverance over the phone.  Since I was unable to travel to their state, they agreed to do my deliverance over the phone as well.  I could not believe that Vann and Sandy would actually go into hours of spiritual warfare on my behalf.  It took several sessions, but I am “a new person in Christ Jesus”, the old life is gone and a new life has begun!  2Corinthians 5:17.  I have witnessed changes in every area of my life; all for the better! I THANK OUR LORD AND SAVIOR that I am renewed, restored, and redeemed!  Mere words cannot express the sincerest gratitude that I feel in my soul for God allowing our paths to cross.  I truly love them both with the love of the Lord and will pay it forward by delivering other souls one by one.  The miracle power of Jesus has not passed away.  My deliverance is a testimony to that fact.

Husband and Wife Receive Deliverance:

Larry and Susan called our ministry due to Larry’s on-going problem with alcoholism, adultery, and pornography.  Although they were both Christians, Susan was at the point of ending the marriage due to years of pain and sorrow brought on through her husband’s infidelity.  Since we do not minister to multiple family members at once, we scheduled Larry for the first session.  During that deliverance session, Larry revealed that he had grown up in a household with an alcoholic father who was very abusive to Larry, his siblings, and his mother.  On many occasions, his father’s alcoholic rage would drive him to beat everyone in the house and drive his wife out of the home with no place to go but into the open field.  Larry remembered his mother stating that she drank due to the misery of her life.  His father was also unfaithful to Larry’s mother and had many affairs throughout their marriage. Vann pointed out to Larry that although he hated the life that he had lived in his father’s house, Larry had turned into his father.

Larry also revealed that a spirit of lust would come upon him every spring when the weather started to turn warm and he would be driven to seek out other women besides his wife.  There was also a history of sexual perversion and fantasy sex through on-line pornography.  Larry’s history involved root work, astrology, witchcraft, yoga, meditation, and karate.   During the first session, demons manifested and were expelled over a three-hour period.   Larry stated that he felt truly clean for the first time in his life.  Although he would need other sessions, his wife saw such a change in her husband that she called and asked to have her deliverance session as soon as possible.  She stated that her husband was a new man and that she hoped to have as remarkable a transformation as he had undergone.

Susan’s first deliverance session occurred two days later.  Although her husband was into adultery and fantasy sex, she had been with many more sexual partners than he.  Her history included incest, sexual perversion, abuse, witchcraft, eastern religion, voodoo, reiki, and many other occult practices.  Susan was a devout Christian and had been in training to become a minister.  However, after Larry was arrested for DUI, her church made her withdraw from that program.  She was very bitter towards Larry and the church leaders who had embarrassed and shamed her in front of the congregation.

During Susan’s first deliverance, demons manifested and were expelled over a four hour period.  A few days later, Susan stated that she was 75% improved.  She was experiencing fewer problems with mental confusion and depression and was making an effort to forgive her husband and to restore their relationship.


Donna contacted us due to extreme pain in her back and both hips which had been present for seven years.   However, doctors could find no medical reasons for the pain.   It was constant and if she sat down for a short time, she would limp upon standing to walk. Donna stated that she had a great deal of difficulty walking and performing her duties as a nurse. Her history included multiple sexual partners, a great deal of occult activity including witchcraft, yoga, transcendental meditation, acupuncture, palm reading, Hinduism and Buddhism. She had also experienced trauma through an automobile accident as a teenager.

During the first deliverance session, the demons manifested and were expelled through coughing, gagging, retching, and screaming. She experienced a great deal of relief after deliverance; however, she came under attack again when she came in contact with family members who were involved in the use of illegal drugs. On one occasion, as she was getting ready for a job interview, Donna called us for prayer. The pain in her hips had returned and she was afraid that she would be turned down for the job if they saw that she had difficulty walking. We bound the spirits that were causing the pain and commanded them to cease their attack on her body. From that time on, she experienced no more pain and was able to go for the job interview with absolutely no pain and no limping two days later.

Barbara S:

My name is Barbara S.  I had experienced pain in my right shoulder over a long period of time.  The pain would come and go, but it had been lingering and getting more severe.  On this particular occasion, the attack was terrible.  During prayer, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I had been accepting the pain because I thought it was normal for a person my age to have arthritis.  I then knew by the Holy Spirit that this was a demonic attack.  I called Vann and Sandy to come and pray for me.  Vann had been a physical therapist for many years and he examined the shoulder and was convinced that there was truly a problem with the shoulder in pain and limited movement.  He then began praying for me and bound the demon causing the pain.  He had a word of knowledge that this was a familiar spirit that had come to me from my mother.  When Vann  commanded the spirit to leave in the name of Jesus, it said that it had the right to be there because “my mother liked it”.  Vann told me to renounce the sins of my ancestors and he again commanded the demon to leave.  This time, it left and I had no more pain in the shoulder and had pain free movement.  This was several months ago and I continue to be pain free and have good movement in the shoulder.


Connie had multiple deliverance sessions due to insomnia, alcoholism, and fear.  She had been to many deliverance ministers with no relief.  It was difficult to keep her awake during the deliverance session and she did not have any significant demonic manifestations until our fifth session.  At that time, we felt that the New Age and Eastern Religion demons were blocking the deliverance.  We first went after all witchcraft demons in her history and then attacked the Eastern Religion demons.  Suddenly, Connie began to cry and groan with a great deal of demonic manifestation.  We cast out Kundalini spirits and shut the chokras.  We also cast out multiple spirits of  fear as well as familiar spirits.  When she left, Connie reported that she felt great.  We gave her our teaching series “Winning in the Game of Life” and instructed her in how to resist the demons when they try to come back.  


Nickie came for deliverance because her family was under demonic attacks.  They were seeing spirits in their home and one of her children was being attacked multiple times daily.  He had seizures which the doctors could not explain medically.  We were asked to do deliverance on the child but knew that the mother needed deliverance before she would be able to help the child stay free.  After the first deliverance session, the mother went home and anointed her home and commanded the spirits to leave.  The spirits in the home left that day and did not return; however, the mother was still very demonized.  In dealing with the mother during another deliverance session, Sandy had a word of knowledge about childhood imaginary friends that Nickie had used to help her through terrible physical and mental abuse from her mother.  Nickie revealed that she indeed had eight such “friends” who continued to work in her life, even as an adult.  We instructed her that these were not imaginary friends, but were really demonic spirits that continued to control her life as an adult.  We let her know that she would have to give up these “friends” in order to let Jesus bring comfort into those areas.  After some period of time, Nickie finally decided to let these demons go and renounced them verbally.  We cast out all eight demons one at a time.  We taught her how to pray and how to fight spiritual battles for her family.  At last contact with her, she was in daily spiritual warfare for herself and her family.


Kathy  was suicidal after her husband left her for another woman.  She could not leave the house and was in a deep state of depression.  Vann began to pray for her and claim the blessings of God.  He took authority over the demons in the name of Jesus.  Suddenly, the demons began to manifest and come out with coughing and shaking.  Both Sandy and Vann began to call out the demons of depression, anxiety, fear, suicide, grief, sorrow, and shame.  After a short deliverance session in which soul ties and word curses from her husband’s many sexual partners were broken, she was set free from depression and suicide.  She is once again able to go about her normal life.

Traumatic Brain Injury Deliverance:

I suffered traumatic brain injury as a small child which changed my life forever.  At the time of the injury, I lost my memory and  was unable to attend school for a year.  When I returned to school, I was teased and ridiculed by my classmates and teachers.  I felt a great deal of shame and rejection as I struggled to complete my education.  As an adult, the shame had a profound affect on every aspect of my life.  When I came to this ministry for deliverance, I had no idea that this 47 year torment could be relieved.  During the deliverance session, demons came out with crying, groaning, and vomiting.   This lasted for several hours until I was finally free. After the session, I felt as though I had experienced a surgery. All of the pain and torment was gone.  I immediately stood up and began to praise Jesus for setting me free.  I can’t explain the joy that I feel after all those years of torment.

Dialysis Pain Disappears:

I recently experienced kidney failure and had to begin dialysis treatments which were sometimes extremely painful.  One day, the pain was so great that I began to weep.  My wife came in and started crying in sympathy with me.  Then she called Vann Hutchinson Ministries and asked for prayer.  As Vann prayed for me, the pain left and I began to laugh.  I am so thankful that there is still power in the name of Jesus.

Woman in her 50’s:

A woman in her 50’s reported that after prayer for a brain tumor, she was completely healed.

Woman in her 60’s:

A woman in her 60’s came for prayer.  She recently had a surgical replacement of a shunt that was used for kidney dialysis.  After prayer, the shunt began to work and she did not have to undergo another surgery.  A medical professional stated that in his 35 years in the medical profession, he had never seen a defective shunt, suddenly begin to work.

53 Year Old Woman:

I grew up in a loving Christian home and became born again as a young child.  When I grew up, I went to college and got married just like everyone else in the family.  However, that marriage did not end up happily ever after.  My husband became an alcoholic and life became unbearable in that relationship.  After our divorce, I married two other times but was never able to find the loving, Christian marriage that I had seen my parents live.  After my third marriage, I started having anxiety and panic attacks.  The doctors placed me on a lot of strong medications.  I did not want to take the medications, but in order to support myself, I had to take them.  Over the years, I developed an addiction to the prescription medications.  I knew that I had sunk to an all-time low when I was arrested for DUI on my way to work one morning.  I was not drunk on alcohol, as the officer thought, but was simply over-medicated.  As it turned out, I lost my job and became hopeless.  I did not know how I would support myself or if I would ever be able to get a job again.  A lady at work had been trying to get me to go to this ministry for deliverance but I had never heard of a deliverance ministry.  I guess I finally got low enough because I called and asked for a deliverance session.  After a lengthy session, I felt so much lighter and so much more peaceful.  Vann and Sandy counseled me about the need to change my life.  They told me how to pray and how to fight the demons every day.  I am not off of all my medications yet, but I am off of a lot.  My mind is clear and I am able to sleep through the night without any sleeping pills.  I have not yet found a job but I am going on job interviews and I know that God has a job for me.  I will not go back into the life of fear and drug dependency ever again.

39 Year Old Man:

I got into pornography and masturbation at the age of 11 when I saw my brother’s sex magazines.  There was a family history of illegitimacy, sexual abuse, and pornography so I just thought this was all normal.  When I was 15, I got born again but the addiction to masturbation remained.  As I grew up and went to college, it began to take over more and more of my life.  I had been using fantasy and visualization to satisfy the demons of lust.  Suddenly the fantasy began to work against me.  I would be eating and would see spiders, bugs, and other creatures in my food and drink.  During college, I met my wife.  We had a child before we were married like everyone else in our family.  After marriage, I thought that the problems with masturbation and lust would go away; however, it did not.  It got worse.  It finally reached the point that I could not have sexual relations with my wife.  When she gave me an ultimatum, I began searching for someone who could take me through deliverance and get me set free from these tormenting spirits of lust.  It was at this point that I found Vann Hutchinson Ministries on the internet.  I called them and they agreed to do a deliverance session over the phone.  They said that distance did not matter in the spirit world.  It took three hours but God set me free.  The demons came out with violent retching, coughing, and screaming.  It wasn’t pleasant but I am now free. After the deliverance session, I felt so much lighter. Jesus is still a deliverer.  Thank you Lord for the power that is in the name of Jesus.

Newborn Baby Unable to Sleep:

When my child was born, he was a strong and healthy baby; however, he would not sleep. Over a period of several months without sleep, I became exhausted and had to find some way to get some sleep.  I took Sandy’s CD of scriptures for healing, turned them down very low, and played them at night in my child’s bedroom.  He was finally able to sleep for longer periods of time.  It was amazing.  The first time I did this, he slept for six hours straight.  He was able to sleep and I was able to sleep.  The word of God is powerful and it changes things in the spirit world.

73 Year Old Woman Set Free:

When I was a child of three years old, some of my cousins began to touch and fondle me.  This lead me to believe that such activity was normal.  Therefore, whenever I was playing with my friends or siblings, I would do the same things to them.  One day, my mother saw us engaged in these activities.  She beat me and screamed at me and told the whole family about what I had been doing.  I was ashamed and humiliated but I did not stop the activities.  On another occasion, my father caught me engaged in this sexual activity.  He also yelled at me, beat me, and told the whole family about my actions.  As I grew up, I carried feelings of guilt and shame about my sexuality.  I was chaste as a young woman and eventually got married.  However, the lust, the guilt, and the shame never left me.  At the age of 73, Vann and Sandy ministered to me.  I did not tell them about my past but God did.  Vann had a word of knowledge and he told me that what had happened to me as a child was not my fault.  They cast out demonic spirits of lust, shame, fear, and guilt.  I was completely set free.  Thank you Lord Jesus for using this couple in the deliverance ministry to set me and others free.

60 Year Old Man Set Free:

Growing up, my mother went to church and took us children to church; but my father did not go to church.  He was an angry and profane man and would go into rages often. During those rages, he would curse God and his own wife and children. My mother told me after my father’s death that she had aborted two children after my siblings and I were born.  She did not want to bring another child into the abusive home that we lived in.  I became born again as a young adult; however, I was tormented with rage, guilt, insecurity, and fear.  I did not get married until later in life because I was afraid of turning into my father.  In fact, I let the love of my life get married to another man because of my fears of getting married.  When I did finally get married, my wife was a beautiful woman who was self-centered and controlling.  Everything had to be about her.  Although she was not unfaithful to me, she would lead men into flirtations and we would eventually have to leave churches when those flirtations became uncomfortable.  We came to a point in our marriage where I lost my job due to the bad economy.  I searched for months but could not get work.  My wife taunted me about freeloading on her and accused me of not wanting to get a job.  I became depressed, suicidal, and hopeless.  It was at this point that I called Vann Hutchinson Ministries for help.  Sandy told me that I needed deliverance.  I knew nothing about deliverance but I scheduled an appointment and agreed to go through a deliverance session.  During the session, demons came out of me crying, screaming, and retching.  I had never even known that a Christian could have demons.  I was set free from demonic bondage and I am so thankful.  My life is not perfect but it is a whole lot better than it was when it was controlled by demons.  Christians can have demons and they can be delivered from demons.  Jesus said it in Mark 16:17 and it is just as true today as it was then.  Thank you Lord Jesus for the power that is in your name.


I had been hurt by some church leaders and so-called “Christians.”  This lead me
to great pain and I wanted nothing to do with any churches or church people.

The hurt lead me down a dark path and I blamed God for allowing this to happen
to me and disconnected from Him. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this opened a
great door for Satan to gain access to attack me.

Before I knew it, my life was in ruins. I had debt, death, financial issues, and
was about to lose my family.

Vann and Sandy reached out to me and met me where I was spiritually and
emotionally. They consoled me, counseled me, ministered to me, prayed for me and
with me, and guided me on how to take small steps to get back on track

They taught me about spiritual warfare and how I needed to fight the enemy. They
helped me get started again with deliverance and set me up to succeed with
prayers and scriptures to fight the enemy.

Before long, things started to shift in the spiritual world. People’s eyes were
opened to the lies Satan was feeding them and using them to fight me for no
reason. I saw a great victory within my family situation and a great victory in
a large amount of bills being wiped out for me.

I am trusting God that this is just the beginning of many more victories through
him. And I could not have done it without Vann and Sandy being sent by God to
guide me and get me back on track. God used them as His personal messengers to
reach me when I was unreachable.


I met Vann and Sandy Hutchinson at a conference in Beaumont, Texas in March of 2013.  They were at the conference to introduce their ministry to the members of the Texas Spiritual Warfare Team.  They had a Basic Deliverance Course with a manual and 14 hours of CDs on display.

When I stopped at their table to look at the course, and met Sandy for the first time, we talked as if we had known each other forever.

I didn’t purchase the course at first; however, Sandy was so gracious. She gave me two separate CDs of Vann’s testimony and her testimony. When I went back to the room that night, I felt convicted by the Holy Spirit to purchase the Basic Deliverance Course that next day.

I didn’t listen to the CDs right away. It was at least 2 weeks before I listened to them. When I did, I was blown away. It took me 2 more weeks to listen to all the CDs in the deliverance course. About half way through, I realized that I needed to contact them because I had demons, many of them, and I needed help. I finished listening to all the CDs in the course and was starting to listen to them once more because they were so full of information.

I called and made an appointment for deliverance over the phone. Not many people know that Jesus and the Holy Spirit can work in our lives over the phone and that distance does not matter. I had been through deliverance many times one-on-one (in person). None of them was as effective as the deliverance this couple of God did for me over the phone. They know their authority in Christ and are willing to share it with other believers.  Everyone has demons, whether they want to admit it or not. That is one reason that we (Christians) are so defeated. I wanted to be free and now, I am free.  The Bible says, “Whom the Son sets free is free in deed”. I will forever be grateful to Vann and Sandy Hutchinson for being obedient to the calling of God to set the captives free.  Deliverance is truly a miracle and has given me a new lifestyle.


I was having problems at my home with demonic attacks during the night. My nine year old daughter was getting attacked at night while she slept and I was hearing and seeing things in the house. A friend at church told me about this ministry. They came to my home and cast the demonic spirits out of the house. My daughter and I are now able to sleep through the night without fear and without hearing and seeing demonic manifestations. I am so thankful that the deliverance ministry is still just as effective today as it was in the days of the Bible.


You will never know how much I appreciate your ministry to me.  God used you to set me free from a lot of bondage.  As Martin Luther King said “Thank God, I am free at last”.   I am praying the deliverance prayer that you gave me every day and each time I pray, I feel more freedom.  I also have a new zest for life and a deeper sense of Jesus’ presence.  Thank you for giving of yourselves so unselfishly.  The Holy Spirit uses you in such marvelous ways–teaching and deliverance. May God bless you and prosper you and your ministry.


I cannot thank you both enough for coming down and praying for me. I have been feeling wonderful ever since. The pain in my back and side is gone. My blood pressure this morning was 138/67 that is goooood. In case you did not remember, my blood pressure had been really high for the last few weeks. But God is good.  I love you guys.


I contacted this ministry for deliverance due to a second occurrence of cancer.  Immediately after the deliverance session, my appetite returned.  I had been unable to pray or even speak the word of God.  Now, I am praying (daily) as they told me to do and fighting every attack of the enemy.  I cannot begin to thank you enough for taking the time to minister to me.  Such a blessing!  I know that God will continue to heal me completely.


After receiving deliverance from this ministry, I began to do the spiritual warfare as I was instructed to do.  Now, after three months, I am off of my high blood pressure medication.  I was instructed to continue taking it until I no longer needed it.  That’s what I did.  My blood pressure came down so much that it was too low whenever I took the medication.  Now it is remaining around 115/60 with no medication.  I am so glad that this ministry taught me how to fight the enemy and how to walk in faith.  Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.



I am a registered nurse.  As such, I know whenever a person is in a life and death struggle.  Last night, at 11:30 my blood pressure shot up to over 200.  My heart was beating rapidly and I had extreme chest and back pain.  I knew that I had to either call 911 or call Vann and Sandy.  The last time this happened, I called 911 and after much pain, anguish, and expense, I finally got better.  I decided to take a step of faith and called for prayer.  As soon as they started praying for me, my cell phone died.  That was strange because I had just charged it that day.  So I called back on the land line.  They started commanding the spirit of death to leave me and commanding my blood pressure to come down to normal and my heart to beat normally.  I had on the blood pressure cuff and watched it come down as they fought in the spiritual battle for my life.  Then all of a sudden, it left and everything was back to normal.  I thank God that miracles have not passed away and that he still sends signs and wonders to those who believe in him.


My daughter was having a problem with bed bugs.  She had called an exterminator who had charged her several thousand dollars but they were still there.  Then I remembered what Sandy and Vann said once about getting rid of bugs at their home.  I called them and asked them how  they did it.  They told me that during the time that Sandy had severe respiratory problems, they could not spray for insects; therefore, the Lord showed them to pour oil around their home and bind the insects from coming inside, in the name of Jesus.  They did this and the insects did not come inside for over a year. So I took a gallon of oil and went around my daughter’s home and into every room commanding the bugs to get out in the name of Jesus.  I told them that they could not cross the blood line and that they had to leave.  Well, they did leave.  Several weeks later, they tried to return but my daughter commanded them to go and they have not returned.  Our God is an awesome God.


I went to Vann and Sandy for deliverance due to depression and stress which I thought was related to my job.  After a lengthy deliverance session in which the spirit of Freemasonry was cast out, I experienced the most peace that I had ever experienced in my life.  My husband saw such a change in me that he went to receive deliverance as well.  Our lives and our marriage have changed greatly.  There is nothing that our God can’t do.


I was suddenly attacked with anxiety after having been delivered from anxiety attacks for several months.  I called Vann and Sandy for prayer and God gave them a word of knowledge that I was under attack from witchcraft.  They told me to look for feathers or sticks that were in an unusual place.  I remembered that I had seen a bundle of feathers outside my back door.  I went outside and destroyed the bundle of feathers as Vann and Sandy broke the curse and all of my symptoms left.


A lady in our Wednesday night group testified that Vann’s teaching last week had shown her that she needed to tithe to change her financial situation.  She brought us part of her tithe on Saturday and also gave some of it to another ministry.  However, she had nothing to give at her church on Sunday.  When she got out of the car on Sunday, she found $15 lying in the grass which she gave to her church.  Then she got a call from a former employer who has given her a part-time job.


Betty asked for prayer for healing of a pain that was shooting from her jaw to her shoulder and down her back.  We prayed with her and God gave Vann a word of knowledge that this was a familiar spirit that came from her mother.  We ministered deliverance to her and the pain left.  The next day, she called to say that it had tried to come back during the night but she commanded it to leave and it did.


Kevin told us on Monday that since we ministered to him in July,  he has not had any panic attacks.  He said that one tried to come on him last Friday but he commanded it to leave (as we have taught him to do) and it left.  He had previously been having such severe panic attacks that he had to be hospitalized and medicated.  Now he is in control and not the demons.


Vivian (with whom we have been ministering for four months) called to tell us that she was doing so much better that she would no longer  be calling us on a daily basis for prayer.  She was set free from panic attacks, depression, anxiety, fear, rejection, and many others.  When she was first referred to us, she was having panic attacks on a daily basis, was so depressed that she could barely do her job, and had already attempted suicide.


Sharon Skyped to tell us how well she is doing.  ( We started working with her six months ago and had several deliverance sessions.  Out of her was cast rejection, fear, depression, anxiety, panic, insomnia, and suicide.) She was laughing and talking excitedly about how much she enjoys getting back to her hobby of making paper with new and different fibers.  Vann commented about how good it was to see her laugh again.  She stated that had she not received deliverance, she would be dead by now.  She could not have gone on in the misery with which she had been living.


I was having severe panic attacks (at least two a month) and was tormented with depression and fear. Since Vann and Sandy began ministering to me (on June 3rd, 2012) I am able to sleep at night and have not had a panic attack. I can feel myself getting stronger every day as I pray the word of God over my situation as the Hutchinsons have taught me to do.


I feel freer than I have ever felt in my whole life. I have been delivered from anxiety attacks, depression, torment by fear, sleeplessness, and suicide. I have now started a home Bible study and deliverance ministry and am off all but one medication.


I am a woman who didn’t always believe in the power of prayer, but fortunately for me, my sister and her husband did.

I am 64 and have been in the nursing profession for over 30 years. I have seen a lot of pain and suffering while working in this profession. However, when it is happening to you, you lose your objectivity and all of your medical training goes out the window. Not only have I seen the effects of death and physical problems as a nurse; I have also had personal experiences as well. I know the heartache of a life-threatening diagnosis and I understand the medical conditions that lead to “no hope.” I would like to share some of the medical and personal problems that I have experienced as well as my deliverance through Jesus Christ.

Even though I live over 300 miles from my sister Sandy and her husband Vann, we remain close and phone each other regularly. One day, while sitting at my desk at work, I started to have chest pain which I knew to be the sign of a heart attack. It started off as a slight pain and slowly increased in intensity. Being a nurse, I was well aware of what this type of pain indicated since I had experienced a previous heart attack. I was ready to call 911 when the phone rang and it was Sandy. I quickly told her what was going on and she immediately said, “Let’s pray.” As she prayed, I felt the pain gradually subsiding until it was completely gone. I didn’t call 911 that day, but followed up with my doctor to get a clean bill of health in the days that followed. Was this an answer to prayer or was it a coincidence?

Sometimes pain can be attributed to gas or indigestion. However, when you are told that you have cancer and that there is the possibility that it has metastasized to other organs, you are in a scary situation. Of course I shared my news with Sandy. Contrary to the doctor’s poor prognosis, my sister shared the promises of God and told me that we would have none of ‘this’ meaning the cancer. Sandy and Vann opened up the prayer lines to heaven as I was scheduled for surgery. I went through the surgery and I can testify that I didn’t have to take any pain pills. Neither did I have to have the radiation treatments that the doctor had warned about. As a matter of fact, the day after I went home from the hospital, I was able to go to a garage sale! I want to say that I never really knew how to pray except for “The Lord’s Prayer.” I have learned from the examples of Sandy and Vann and I now know how to pray with authority. I have learned that “the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force.” When sickness or problems arise, I know how to take command over these types of situations. The Bible teaches us to speak to mountains and command them to be removed. Having begun to apply these Biblical principles in my own prayer life, I find that I am healthier and stronger in my physical body than ever before. I have learned that God is all about love, healing, and helping those who call upon Him. On a final note, I would like to share with the readers of this article that not only does God answer prayers for healing, but He also answers ‘other’ prayers as well. More importantly, we must understand that prayers are answered according to His time which is always the perfect time. Sandy told me that God takes care of us and answers our prayers in His own way. I have a son whom I have financially supported for many years because he just would not go to work. Since he had two small children, I felt that I had to meet his financial responsibilities. I prayed almost every night for God to do something and help him get off the drugs and go to work. Then one day I was called into the office at the hospital where I had worked for many years and told that I was being let go. This came as a shock, because I was not yet ready to retire at the age of 64. What was I going to do until I reached retirement age? Because of this situation, I was no longer able to support my son and his family. My prayers were answered and because my son finally got himself a job and his drug use is greatly reduced. I wasn’t happy about losing my job, but I was ecstatic that the prayers for my son were answered. Now I know the answer to my question of whether it was an answer to prayer or a coincidence. The frequency of God delivering us from circumstances when we pray is simply too often to be considered a coincidence.

My sister and her husband have blessed me and many others through their ministry, Vann Hutchinson Ministries, as they continue to reach out to people who need prayer and healing in their lives. Anyone can contact them for prayer.


Ten years ago I left a 30-year abusive marriage. I bounced from relative to relative until I found an apartment that I could afford. Three months after I was in that apartment I was told by the landlord that I had to vacate it because my family was too large; there were too many children and grandchildren coming to visit. I searched for a more suitable place to live and was fortunate to find a house to rent. But after only six months there, that landlord told me he had just sold the house.

I had been working in the local school system and there I met a woman named Sandy Hutchinson. She was friendly and kind to me. Sandy really cared about people and when she noticed that I didn’t sit with others during lunch she took the time to ask why. Sandy and another co-worker found out my reasons and they decided to do something about it. Together, tey paid for me to go to a dentist to have my teeth fixed so that I could enjoy good dental health and not be embarrassed to socialize with my colleagues. I enjoyed working as a teacher’s assistant and getting to know Sandy Hutchinson. Little did I know that a dream I had ten years prior would have an impact on my life at this time. That dream involved a minister I had heard preach at a tent meeting. I had been reluctant to hear him back then but soon afterward I dreamed that his small ministry grew and prospered until it was reaching many people. Although I didn’t think about it much, I never forgot that dream, and then one day Sandy’s husband came to school to bring her lunch. I immediately recognized his face as the preacher in my dream. When Sandy and her husband Vann heard that I had to move out of the house I was renting, they offered to rent me a little house they had but had been planning on selling. I took it, but knew that one day I might have to move from there if they did sell the house. This house was just perfect for my big family.

Shortly after that, due to budget cuts, I was laid off of work. There were more bills than my unemployment check could cover. Several months I couldn’t pay all or any of my rent to the Hutchinson’s. They would come over with bags of groceries and never ask for the rent. Things were looking desperate and I knew that it would be better off for Sandy and Vann to find a buyer for the house. I grew accustomed to Vann’s good advice as I regularly listened to him on the radio preaching the Word of God. So, when he advised me to go back to the school where I had worked and volunteer my time, I listened and did just that. All the time I was praying for direction from God for my life and living on $119 a week. A position opened up but another woman was offered that job even though I had more time working at the school. I saw her in the hallway and thought that I might be jealous that she had gotten the job I so desperately needed, but as I approached her, I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to tell her how happy I was for her; and I truly was. I continued to volunteer as Vann would counsel me in ‘giving back’ until one day I was in the administrative office and they told me about a temporary position that just opened up at the high school, which was a different school than I had worked and volunteered in. I felt out of place taking a position at the high school, but my unemployment had just run out so it seemed to be the right next step. I no sooner began preparing to work at the high school when a position at the same elementary school that I worked at had an opening for special needs children. Working with these children was and continues to be the joy of my life.

Things were starting to look up. Then one day when I returned home, my son told me that the landlord had called, and I got a bit worried as I thought that this was the day they would tell me they were selling the house. The phone rang again and it was Sandy calling on behalf of Vann also. She asked me if I was sitting down. I braced myself and listened to what Sandy and Vann Hutchinson had to say to me: “The Lord told Vann and I to give you the house.” I fell on the floor crying and giving God thanks. My grandson ran in to the room and asked if I was okay. I told him ‘yes’ and got back on the phone with Sandy to thank her and Vann. I had prayed 1 Chronicles 4:10 and for God to supply all of my needs. Sandy and Vann Hutchinson were faithful to God and obedient to His command in their life to bless me. Times are hard and the economy is rough on families. I am sharing this story of what happened to me to encourage others to keep their faith in God for He will supply all of your needs. Also I am speaking to those who like Sandy and Vann Hutchinson might be called to serve others in ministry. Vann Hutchinson Ministries continues to reach out to people who need prayer and healing in their lives. Most of all, I am sharing this story of what happened to me to give glory to God. My name is Cynthia and God supplied and continues to supply all of my needs. To Him be the Glory.


We just recently were privileged to sit under the ministry of Vann and Sandy Hutchinson. They speak with such authority the Word of God that is so practical to our lives. Their teachings are straight from the Bible, and their deliverance ministry is so needed in the Body of Christ. The devil had put physical problems and depression upon us, so we were prime candidates for Vann and Sandy’s ministry. Their prayers for us were like a “spiritual roto-rooter,” and we now feel so clean inside. We are praying Sandy’s prayers for healing daily, and we are expecting even greater results! Thank you, Vann and Sandy, for your obedience to God’s calling!


Following a heart attack, the doctor said that I would require open-heart surgery and out of work for an extended period of time. After you prayed for me, I only needed stints and was back on my job the next week.


While you were ministering to me during a deliverance session, my right shoulder, which had been painful and frozen was suddenly healed. I had full-range with no pain.


I was suffering with anxiety and severe depression even though I was on several medications. After you ministered to me in deliverance, I felt much of the depression leave. You taught me how to pray and to stand on the Word of God. I am now off of all day medications with only minimal medication at night for sleeping.


During a time of fellowship with friends, I suddenly was unable to breathe and had absolutely no air flow. I thought I was going to die. Vann immediately began to command the spirit that was choking me to leave in the name of Jesus. My airway opened immediately and I was able to breathe.


I was experiencing a bout of acute pneumonia. My breathing was so impaired that I was unable to lie down. Vann laid hands on me and commanded the spirit of infirmity to leave in the name of Jesus. Almost immediately, I started coughing up the mucous in my lungs. Following this, I was able to lie down and sleep.


I had been suffering with leukemia for several months. I contacted Vann and Sandy through the website and they prayed for me over the phone. They told the spirit of cancer to leave in the name of Jesus and told me to listen to Sandy’s testimony of her healing from asthma. The next time I went to the doctor, there was no trace of leukemia in my body.